Anchors Kennel provides a secure, safe and sanitary habitat for your special pet. We can accommodate early morning drop-offs, evening pickups, and overnight boarding. With our Pet Taxi service, we’ll even pick up your pets at your home!


  • Overnight Stays
  • Indoor/Outdoor Runs
  • Outdoor Play Areas
  • Certified Specialists
  • Roomy units with cots
  • Climate controlled atmosphere with routine air exchange
  • Pet Taxi


A warm, clean place to sleep, playtime for romping around, kibble and treats to eat — all make for an enjoyable stay at Anchors Kennel. We treat your dogs like our dogs, giving them the attention they deserve! Our certified Specialists will ensure that your family pet is provided with professional supervision, from morning until bedtime.

Our feline guests are in separate quarters in a nice quiet environment that is close to the front desk and away from the canine guests.


Guests may bring their own food during their stay to avoid upset tummies or chow down on our food. Please bring any medications, treats, and beloved toys for your best friend. Our talented staff takes care of our charges with sensitivity, empathy, and affection.

CATS (per day)
DOGS (per day)
1-20 lbs.$42.00
21-40 lbs.$43.00
41-60 lbs.$46.00
61-80 lbs.$47.00
81-100 lbs.$48.00
101 + lbs$50.00
(Aggressive or Geriatric pets)+$5.00

A Letter of Appreciation

It is my intent and wish to convey to you and your employees, my sincere gratitude regarding the several vacations Max (Yorkshire Terrier) has experienced.

With every, and I emphasize EVERY visit I have made, I was greeted at the door by Ms. Brenda. I was welcomed to the premises and establishment and because I seem to be immediately recognized, I was either, escorted to the specific kennel or run where Max has been assigned, or he (Max) was brought out to me. With every employee I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting, it was always with a warm smile.

During every encounter, Max and I have been allowed to have our “Cuddle Time” in a large and grassy open enclosure that allows him to run about freely, frolicking, until he tires. It is there, where he can see and greet the other guests.

I have never been hurried nor rushed with any visits and on one occasion thought to have lost my credit card. Unbeknownst to me, as I later found out, you and Ms. Brenda searched well beyond the areas I has traveled, in an endeavor to find what I had actually misplaced inside of my vehicle.

What you display and engage in, as it relates to professionalism, is well beyond the normal type of business experienced by the normal customer. You make me feel as if I have been temporarily accepted into your large family of animal lovers!

Whenever my dear fried returns to pick up Max, she, too is astounded by the warm reception, at the door and the service provided, by your employees.

Please accept this “Letter of Appreciation” as a small token of the documented satisfaction we share as customers and a guest (Maxie) that ALWAYS enjoys his stays!

Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

A. Johnson
To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using Anchors Kennel for several years to board my dog. Every time I go there the staff is so kind and welcoming that your experience there will never change. When you get to the front desk, you are greeted by the staff and their first question is how you are doing and how was your day. Then they ask about how they can be of assistance in helping you with your boarding needs. This is the service you want at all times and this is the service you can expect from Anchors Kennel no matter what your needs are.

So I recommend Anchors for all your boarding requirements. They offer first-class grooming for your pet. In addition, it is not a problem if you cannot pick them up because they have a pet taxi that will bring your pet to you no matter where you are.

If you want your pet to feel at home away from home when boarded, please indeed choose Anchors for excellent service.
M Hill

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